Sunday, November 29, 2009

Topher's Birthday

Topher blowing out his candles
Topher designed his own Drum set birthday cake...looks pretty good!

Topher turns 10!

Topher was very excited about being in double digits! He has been such a great addition to our family. Ever since his head popped out 10 years ago, Topher has always made a lasting impression! Topher makes friends easily, is very smart and a great little athlete. Topher likes a lot of things and most come very easily to him. This year has been an adjustment being in the gifted classroom. I think it has rocked his world to not feel like the smartest person in the room. He has risen to the challenge though and is making adjustments to his study habits-of which there were none prior to this year, and I think he is doing pretty well. I love how Topher introduces himself as "Christopher Topher Bisgaard Calder." He is a funny kid! I just love Topher!

Boys decorating the cake

Football Wrap Up

We had a lot of fun with Topher playing football this year. His team wasn't the best, but they improved a lot and Topher was really able to contribute. I think the last few games he played every down. He would be so tired at the end, and hungry! You would have to ask him about how many times he stripped the ball, sacked the quarterback, recovered a fumble, etc...Topher kept track but I didn't. I just know it was really fun to see how much he loved playing football. It will be fun to see him over the next few years.Topher is on the right wearing blue socks with black chin strap-getting set to get the ball!
Getting the handoff...Breaking through the line...Can he break another tackle?
No, he was brought down-he did score a touchdown-actually a pretty good feat for his team, for a time he had scored half the points with one touchdown going into the fourth game...I said his team wasn't the best! He threw a touchdown pass later as a halfback back to the quarterback and ran in a couple of extra points. There were a couple of times he didn't get the ball in short yardage and we didn't score, I would talk to the coach about it after-no wonder the coach nicknamed me the "team critic!" Here's to next year!

Jacob's Birthday

I can't believe Jacob is already 6! He is my Massachusetts baby and I can't believe it's been so long since we moved. Jacob is such a smart little boy, I just love him. He is also not afraid of expressing his opinions and really notices things about others. He can tell you what everyone's favorite of anything is, including kids in his class-like what is Ty's favorite color? He'd know. He always asks questions, he'll even ask me how my day was. Jacob wanted a guitar cake, he hasn't been playing the Guitar Hero game as much, but he still wanted the cake. It was a fun birthday!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Football Season Starts

Every year the first football game of the year is at Boise State. For the past two years, Topher has played flag and they play on a field on campus. This year, they got to play inside the stadium on the powerful blue turf. It was pretty exciting. Topher did great and his team did well too. Topher played Offensive Line and blew a hole so big you could have driven a truck threw it...the running back scored a touchdown on the first play, and then on the next play they made 16 yards. Then, they switched who was up against Topher to the biggest guy on their team. He still did great, but he didn't make quite such big holes anymore. It was really fun to see Topher out there tackling. He has been waiting so long for this. We were worried that he wouldn't make weight and that he would have to play with the next age group, but he made it. The max was 115 with pads, and I think he weighed 111-this was with full gear. Now we are in the clear, at least until next year!
Jay is helping coach and having a great time. The head coach is a local weather man so that is pretty hilarious. He doesn't have a son on the team, he just really enjoys it. It is a nice group of kids and coaches. It was a really fun day, and we are looking forward to the season!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of School

I can't believe the summer is over! We had a lot of fun and boy was I ready for the kids to go back to school! Although after the first day I am ready for a break-fortunately we have a 4 day weekend this weekend to regroup. The kids all did great. Anna headed off to middle school-I can't believe she is in middle school-first in the morning. She went with her carpool and was quite nervous about opening her locker, but she got it all figured out and had a great day. Our neighbor is in most of her classes, and a lot of her friends are in orchestra with her as well. She was exhausted when she got home, but I think she will do great.
The boys went to their new school too. Jacob even said he was really nervous while I was driving them to school. The place was packed, I had to carry Sharon about a mile. I took Jacob to his classroom and got him settled. He knew a couple of boys in there, so that was nice. They both had a great day but were starving and exhausted when they got home. Topher's class is doing a town project and they are starting businesses, so he was excited about that. He said he wanted to be a lawyer, but I told him when I did that, the most successful venture was a candy store. I told him I had a music store and made mix tapes for people, he looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. I told him the lamest thing someone did was to have a button museum, where you paid to look at buttons. He decided he wanted to have a poop museum and they both thought that was hilarious. You just have to love little boys-and big ones too, because Jay thought that was pretty funny too! Anyway, we'll see how the town goes this year.
Looking forward to a great year!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Topher's Piano Recital

Topher is a good pianist and did a great job at his recital. He wanted this crazy mohawk, so I let him get it-it is going to be hard to say no to hairstyles in the future when he reminds me of the insanity I let him have as a nine year old, but oh well, how bad can it get? Get back to me in 10 years! Topher is soo funny when he introduces himself because he says his name is "Christopher Topher Bisgaard Calder." It is a little silly, but whatever, he makes me laugh. It was a nice recital and nicer to have it done!

Kindergarten Graduation

Jacob had such a great year at kindergarten. I was really worried about him when school started. He was the youngest one in his class and since he is such a hot head, I thought he was going to be in the principal's office quite regularly. He surprised me, and did so well. His teacher said there is no way he can repeat, and is ready for 1st grade. I still think he is really little, but he does great and has friends and is right in the thick of things, so I think he will do fine. I still never got the digital copy of his singing for the school assembly, but the kind of proves to me that he is pretty confident and happy!
His graduation was so cute, they sang songs and Jacob knew all the words and actions and he got a huge smile on his face when he got his "diploma." I think the whole concept of kindgarten graduation is stupid, but it was cute to see him in his hat. I wish they called it a kindergarten program, but I am not in charge, obviously! Anyway, we all went to IHOP after, and waited forever for food, but Jacob loved it and it was his special day. I am really proud of how well he did and I am excited for first grade-although I can't believe he will be gone all day-how sad!