Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Palm Springs

We have been having a great time in Palm Springs. The kids have done so much swimming and had a blast. We saw Pirates and Shrek, and that was fun. Jacob fell asleep for most of Pirates which was good because he kept asking who was a good guy and since you have no idea, I couldn't answer the questions.
We went mini-golfing last night and that was fun. Topher and Anna ran ahead and basically played hockey and Jacob let me tee off and then he would pick up the ball and place it right next to the hole and then tap it in-we made a great team!
So far no major sunburns, just lots of fun. Jay has played two rounds of golf which has been really fun for him. He told me he wants me to start taking lessons but then I told him he would get mad when I get better than he is-pretty cocky, I know-and he admitted he would, but he would try not to!
We went on the coolest hike the other day. It was along a river in this canyon. We had a great time. I will put some of my pictures up when I get home.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Well, we made it today...I felt quite proud of myself as I got everyone out the door on time to the airport by myself, and most impressidly with no yelling. It was quite miraculous. Topher and Anna really helped me get ready and I was proud of them. Jacob's contribution was to wet the bed this morning. He has decided that Pull-ups are "stinky," and he no longer wants to wear them. I was able to get the sheets in the dryer before we had to leave. Hopefully, Jay can pick up the loose ends when he is home tonight.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Garage Sale

We had our big garage sale yesterday, and after baking all afternoon Friday and getting up at 7 AM to bake more, and to set things up, we had much success. The kids made almost $100, and they worked really hard. Topher was hilarious because he would hound everyone on the street until they bought something from him. Anna was totally into it and had special promotional sales running throughout the day. Jacob just came out and licked all the cupcakes, so that was really helpful. I just took them back inside and then we resold them.
Jay and I sold quite a bit of stuff, but DI will get a few more things tomorrow. We made a couple of hundred dollars, so that was pretty good.
Topher had his last soccer game yesterday and then he had a pizza party where he ate 9 pieces of pizza. He got the award for best defense, so we were proud of him. Topher wants me to write that he even blocked one with his knee. He was very good.
I am a little bit worried about this week coming up. Jay leaves early tomorrow morning, and then I have everyone on track break and then we fly out of here on Thursday. Should be exciting. Hopefully I don't just scream for three days straight. I am looking forward to our trip. We have been waiting to see so many movies, the kids are really excited, and so am I. I am worried about the sun down there though. I think my medicine makes me super sensitive to the sun. I burn at baseball games in the evening, so I am going to be a mess. The baby is obviously totally pale, and Jacob is about transparent. I have to buy a bunch of sunscreen this week.
Anyway, just a quick update-I love the feedback and the comments!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Going to Church

As I sat in church on Sunday, yes it was Mother's Day, but these aren't Mother's Day thoughts, I just had to laugh at all the "characters" there are in wards, and there are always the same kind of people. I had that thought as I was watching the lady with her nursing, cloth-diaper wearing, toddler left sacrament with her baby in a sling to go out. (Doesn't every ward have one of these types?) Then I laughed about the choir director who makes us sing all these weird songs just so she can be the loudest in the chapel-totally my choir director growing up. I don't know, it just is funny how in each of my different wards there are these characters who just crack me up. Then I got to thinking, who am I? How do people see me? Hopefully for more than an outspoken loudmouth, but who knows-I can't get inside everyone's heads-probably a good thing.
We made our flight reservations for California yesterday and I am so excited to fly and to go down there. It will be a nice break. Hopefully it isn't too hot in Palm Springs, but it will be fun. The kids are really excited about it.
I am trying to pick out a paint color for my bedroom. I am going for blue, but I am having a hard time not having it be either turquoise or purple, so it is a struggle. I am sick of buying all these samples and then they are awful. What a pain.
Everyone in our family is really excited about the garage sale tomorrow. It is a neighborhood thing, so we get lots of people. I told the kids we could do a bake sale and they could keep all the money, but they had to pay me back for supplies-Topher wasn't too sure about that, but he agrees. He was very concerned that he wasn't going to get any, so we talked about the book Elephant Eats the Profits and he has now decided to only eat the leftovers-maybe. We'll see how we do tomorrow...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother's Day 2007

My two favorite Sharons! On the eve of Mother's Day, I have been thinking about my mom. I have to say that my mom was/is the best mom ever. I know everyone says that, but it is true. I always had the best treats, costumes, posters, projects, you name it growing up. Sometimes it was even kind of embarassing how much better my stuff was then everyone else's. Kind of, but I mostly loved dominating everyone! I was always so proud when my mom came to school, and everyone told me how pretty she was, and she was always helping. From being an art teacher to helping with the Orchestra, she was always involved, and I loved it, it was great to have my mom around. I think it drove my mom crazy that she had the wacko tomboy for her daughter, but she always supported me in my endeavors and desires. I do think that was pretty hard when I told my softball team to call me "Butch." My parents were worried I was a lesbian, but they probably had pretty good reason-I was a bit of a wierdo.
Then comes chapter 2, the trauma of the teenage years. I can't say I was the easiest teenager, in fact I think I was pretty hard and I just about drove my mom crazy, but she was always there trying to help. Sometimes I didn't want the help, remember how I said my mom was always the best, this continued with her wanting me to be my best all the time, and so, we fought. Even though we fought quite a bit, I knew I could always count on my mom, and that whatever she did for me would be her best. I remember my Laurel presentation/display table and mine was so awesome, it was kind of embarassing for the girl next to mine. I have to take a bit of credit and due to the fact that I was so awesome there were lots of great things to display, but anyway, my display was great. I remember making my Laurel quilt and not caring at all about it, but then when I got to Mutual and saw my quilt all set up, it was really nice and it made me happy. I can't believe I just turned that whole thing over to my mom, but I know she has a lot better taste than I do. Then, we fought some more and I left for BYU. I remember I probably said something super sassy and rude to my mom as she was leaving and she told me, "Thanks for making it easy to leave you here." Who knows what I said, but I know I was pretty ungrateful and snotty all wrapped up in a package of joy, and I feel bad about that. I wish I had been nicer to my mom when we lived together, but I can't go back in time and change how I behaved, I just am kind of embarassed about how rude I was to my mother, all the time, and how nice she was to me and kept giving and doing things for me, most of the time-except when she had had enough.
Moving on to another epoch of my life, college was a lot of the same as high school. I thought I knew everything and I didn't want to listen to anyone tell me what to do, least of all my mom. She was only trying to help me reach my goals, but I didn't see it that way and I reacted in immature and selfish ways. I guess when I got off track and made decisions that made me unhappy, I took it out on her, which was stupid, but she continued to try to help me find my way to happiness.
On to happier times. I guess I can say that a huge turning point in my relationship with my mom was when I got engaged. I had finally decided I was going to stop bucking the system and that I was going to do what I knew I should, and I was a lot happier for it, and therefore all my relationships were better. My mom was so wonderful in the planning of my wedding. I had the most wonderful wedding ever. I didn't pick out most of it, but I loved all of it.
Ever since then, my mom has been one of my best friends, and she has helped me so much. She is always there when we move, when we have a baby, when we need some help, she is always willing. My mom has helped me scrub out the most disgusting house ever that we bought in Fremont, helped me paint rooms, and always makes the most delicious meals when she comes to visit. From the small things to the big things, my mom is still the best and always gives me the best there is.
As I have thankfully matured over the years, I have come to appreciate my mom's strength and her example of Christlike love. I have never known someone as giving as she is, of her time, talents, and everything she has. I really love my mom, and I am going to miss her this Mother's Day.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Baseball Fever

I feel like all I have been doing for the past few weeks has been sitting at baseball games. It is so fun to see the kids progressing, and I love meeting the parents , visiting, etc., but it is sooo chaotic getting out the door, with everyone fed and with somewhat clean clothes on. Then, we get home late with everyone needing baths, more food and homework to finish. When they get a hit or make a play though, it is all worth it. Poor Jacob and Baby Sharon get dragged around pretty good, but that is life in a big family!vzvs tf j kf ( a little contribution from JaCOB THERE)weghrdfbnhr5ebn5reb 5r4ebn45reb (more help)
Anyway, our house is back a mess with more work on retexturizing the walls, and then more painting next week. Our landscaping still isn't quite back together, but hopefully will be soon.
Well, I had better go and get dinner ready so we can get to our game on time!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

My Own Private Idaho

Well, I can't believe it, but I guess I will join in the fun of blogging. I have been talked into it by my sister-in-law, Catherine, so I can't dissapoint her. I don't really know who will read this or why I am writing it, but here goes.
For my first post, I think I will be brief. We have survived another week, and that is a good thing. Everyone in our little family is just plugging along. Anna is doing great at softball, and Topher is doing really well at baseball and soccer. I had to miss Topher's game on Saturday, but it was so cold and windy I didn't want to take the baby. Jacob continues to be his own little self and currently is trying to figure out what he is allowed to say. I can't believe some of the words he knows, the joys of being the third child. So far we have vetoed "butt" and "duh," but he delights in constantly asking me about these words and others. Little baby Sharon is a true delight. She is still struggling to consistently sleep through the night, but she is so good all the time, it is hard to think that she should be better, but don't we always do that?
We just finished watching the first segment of the PBS show on the Mormons, and it was pretty good. I think they spent too much time on polygamy after they made the point that these people weren't Mormons, but were always associated with Mormons/Utah, so that was pretty dumb, but it was pretty good over all. The segment on the Mountain Meadows Massacre raised some interesting questions, I can't even begin to put myself in the shoes of those early Saints, but any way you slice it, they killed innocent women and children...hard to reconcile.
We had a nice Sunday, but right now we are kind of at the point where everyone is sick of sitting around doing nothing and there seems to be some fighting springing up-shocking, I know. It is too cold to go for a walk, so that is a pain. Everyone is excited about the Amazing Race finale tonight, so I guess I can use that as leverage for good behavior for the next couple of hours.
Anyway, that is all for now, I feel pretty stupid doing this, but it's out there, so, enjoy!