Friday, June 22, 2007

Working Out

I worked out yesterday for the first time in about a month, and it was pretty ugly. I think the air conditioner was broken at the Y because it was so hot in there I thought I was going to pass out/throw up, and that was before the class even started! I thought my arms were going to fall off during our "warm up" which is never a good sign, so I bailed on the class and went up and did the elliptical machine. At least I did something!
I have been trying to get back into basketball, but our numbers are pretty slim during the summer, so both days I have been a little late, and everybody has left, which doesn't make me very happy when I get there-oh well, maybe I can get my act together next week!
I think the Fun Run in Provo sounds really fun, I wish we could stay down there for the 4th and drive back on Thursday, but we can't, so oh well, maybe next year!
We are still trying to get our house back together this week, hanging pictures, far it is pretty slow progress although I did get all of the baby's stuff out of my room and upstairs into Jacob's, and Jacob's stuff in Topher's closet, and Anna's closet cleaned out too, so I guess I have been making some progress, now I feel better.
I can't believe we are going out of town again, I feel like we are just barely getting things under control, but it will be fun. This weekend is going to have to be a work weekend so we don't come home to a disaster. I really want to see Evan Almighty, but it might have to wait...we'll see. Anna and I have a Pedicure party on Saturday that she is very excited about, it should be fun!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Back Home

We are back home and it was so nice to sleep in my own bed after being gone for so long. Of course our house turned into an atom bomb with suitcases and junk everywhere, but it was really nice to be home.
I had a really fun weekend with 6 other girlfriends from college. I was fortunate to have such a nice group of friends and that we have kept in touch. Jay came out with us on out boat trip on Saturday and that was really fun. I was so glad that Jay flew down to Provo, and Jeff was glad that Jay was on the boat so that he wasn't the only man with 7 crazy ladies! I did a little tubing, and that was fun. The water was freezing, so we got on the tube on the side of the boat and then they pulled us in when we were done-we held on for dear life because that water was cold! Not quite as crazy as the 14" of snow I was traipsing through in my flip flops up at Snowbird-boy did I seriously not pack well, but what a fun trip, girl time, relaxation, very fun! I really like all my friends, and it is fun to see everyone with kids now, and how different everyone parents, etc...just fun to be around.
Jay stayed home sick yesterday and now Anna is sick too. I don't know if it is the same thing Topher and I had in Palm Springs, Ann was sick when we were there, I don't know, but she is home throwing up, fortunately she has made it to the toilet each time. She got so sick in Palm Springs and there was throw up all over the room. The couch, curtains, everywhere. I called housekeeping and they brought a set of sheets, and I was like, ummm, not going to cut it, we need major help, so then they brought about 10 trash bags and carted and the vomit stuff away, wouldn't it be fun to be a maid? The funny thing was they were talking about how gross it was in Spanish, but I just pretended that I didn't understand so at least they could complain to each other...I am so compassionate when people are cleaning up my kid's throw up...
Anyway, baby is crying, she is in her crib now and doing great. She is almost crawling. Her bassinet was in the laundry room and fortunately I was changing a load after I put her down, and I looked over and she was half out, hanging on her stomach, soooo, no more bassinet for Baby Sharon!