Wednesday, July 25, 2007

An End to Legal Woes

Well, I finally did it, I got an Idaho driver's liscence. It is a winner. I had a hair appointment today and I couldn't believe I had to go with black roots an inch long for my picture yesterday, but since my pride in my appearance got me into so much trouble in the first place, I decided I had to bite the bullet, also, there would be a warrant out for my arrest if I didn't, so pretty easy choice!
My babysitter forgot to come yesterday, so I had to take all four kids to the DMV. I really knew my stuff though because I was able to answer the questions with two kids on my lap, and Topher and Anna fighting over who was going to get to enter in my answer. At least I got my dumb liscence though!
Then, we went to "court" to process the tickets, and Anna was freaking out that we were going to be attacked by criminals-it was great. I got some of my infractions erased and then I got a court date for the other two-Anna is very nervous that I am going to be arrested and taken to jail, but never fear, things are under control!
After court, we all went to the zoo and had a great time. It was a good day.
Today we all went to the dentist which was quite an adventure as well. Jacob was so cute and excited about it, he had a lot of fun. He got a Power Rangers toothbrush and he yelled out "Woohoo, I love the Power Rangers!" Topher got his sealants put on and nobody had any cavities, nobody except Jay, but that's his own deal, he wouldn't even tell me how many he had, so who knows.
The kids are down at the pool swimming with a babysitter and my visiting teacher just called to see if she could come over, I was tempted to say no, but now is as good as time as any, so, I have got to run!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Topher's Birthday Party

Yesterday Anna got mad at Topher for playing her game with out her.
Topher wrote that sentence-he thinks my blog should be all about him, he started out to write about the fact that he went to a birthday party-hence the title, but then I suppose it was more important to talk about a fight he had with his sister!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Well, today the three girls in the family all had doctor's appointments.
Anna got a clean bill of health after a horrible UTI. We had to take her to the ER last Sunday, so it was nice to have her back healthy again.
Baby Sharon had a check up and weighed in at over 20 pounds-almost 21, which is 95th percentile, and she was between 50-75th in heighth-not the best stats, but she sure is cute. She doesn't know how to eat, so the doctor asked me if I wanted to send her to occupational therapy for her to learn how to swallow, but I decided to wait-they told me the same thing with Topher and all of a sudden he learned how to eat and was just fine. She isn't super happy today since she had 4 shots, but she is doing just great.
I had a wonderful Doctor's appointment-after having blood that was my thinnest ever on Saturday when they told me not to hesitate to go to the ER if I got a cut or anything, so today when I went back in I learned that I am off my medication! I am so happy-it has been such a pain and I am sick of it. So that was good reports from all three of us.
Topher and Jacob are doing great. I had to give Topher a guilt trip today because he wanted to stay home and play instead of going to the church to help tie quilts, so I told him we would send the people who had no blanket a letter saying that it was more important to us to play with our friends than to help make them a blanket. He decided he would go to church and help-they ended up just yelling in the microphone, so I don't know how helpful they were, but I did get a few knots tied, so that was good. Topher Is doing very good at his math. He just typed that last sentence.
I need to go and help him finish his workbook pages

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Back Home, Again

We made it home on Tuesday night from Utah and it was so nice to be home. We stopped at IKEA in Salt Lake and that took a while, but we did get a new TV stand, so that worked out well. I stopped to drop Jay off at the airport and since his car doesn't start a lot of the time, I waited for him. While I was waiting, a police officer came up and asked me for my registration, well, apparently, I had neither registration nor insurance, and then I knew it was going to be bad because I also have no current driver's liscence. I was very lucky I wasn't arrested and that I didn't get the car impounded, so that was nice, but I do need to take care of certain problems ASAP! So, we got home a little late thanks to my run in with the law, but it turned out OK.
Our fourth of July was just great. We did some fireworks, roasted some marshmallows, and had a great time. It was pretty hot yesterday, so sitting by the fire wasn't the best, but we had a lot of fun.
Anyway, Jay is back at work now, and we have our first day of summer here at home by ourselves. I have decided we are going to do work and not just watch TV for the next two months, so we'll see how that goes. I have a ton of workbooks just ready and waiting. I am sure that Topher and Anna will be very excited. Anna has to get back to violin too. She hasn't touched it since her recital in May and she was starting to make some really good progress. I would really like for her to finish book 1 of Suzuki by Christmas, so we have to get hopping!
Not too much else going on, we had a great trip to Utah, it was so fun to see everybody, and really fun for all the little cousins to get together and to play/swim together. I think my family's favorite thing was to go to Seven Peaks. That was a lot of fun and everyone was able to do something they liked. I really liked being home though yesterday and just worrying about feeding my family, that was a lot easier, but it was fun to get to try everybody's different recipes down in Utah. Kimberly inspired me to get going on my ice cream, and Catherine gave me a great salad dressing and other salad ideas, also loved the salmon tacos, and Christine's corn encrusted chipotle chicken was so good, I need to look online and find that recipe. It was great, oh, and we had "fancy" S'mores last night, Jay was very impressed and a huge fan of the Keebler Fudge ones. Thanks for all the great ideas!