Tuesday, March 11, 2008


OK-so it has been forever since I blogged-I feel like I got so behind and then it has just been kind of overwhelming to get caught up, but I am going to be super brief, hit the highlights, get caught up, and then I can get back into it!
I can't believe it was Halloween when I last wrote. We had Topher's 8th birthday, he had a super fun party at an inflatables place where they jumped around for a couple of hours and I was so glad it wasn't at my house. He got so many presents that he had a huge bag that we took down to LA for Christmas that were still unopened from his birthday-most of it LEGO sets he wanted me to build with him and I never had time, but man that kid got a lot of presents. His baptism was very nice he was so sweet, and the best was after he got baptised and came out of the water, Jacob yelled," yea-Topher got baptised!" He was so excited for his big brother. Topher and Anna spoke and sang a song and did a nice job. That was Thanksgiving weekend and our Thanksgiving was delicious if I do say so myself. It was fun to have Jay's parents up and Teedy for that and Jennifer and her family.
Christmas was great-we went to LA and had beautiful weather. We went on a hike, we went to Griffith Observatory and tried to go to Disneyland but it was too crowded so we left. The kids got electric ride on scooters and they are really cool. Jacob wondered where his was when he got a box of magnetix, but he got over it. Anna's scooter is at the shop right now because she wore a hole in the tire doing so many skids, they look so cute riding them and it is nice because Topher can ride his to Scouts and piano and Anna rides hers to violin. It's great. The weather was crazy getting back from LA but we finally made it, we spent a sick night in Winnemucca, NV, but we made it home in one piece. We had such a snowy January-we even had a snow day.
At the end of January was Anna's 10th birthday. She had a fun party at a salon for kids. She loved getting her hair, makeup and nails done. They had cute pink sparkly drinks so it was a great time. Once again, so glad it wasn't at my house! I think the best part of her birthday though was flying to LA by herself to go and see Wicked. She got to do a backstage VIP tour and meet cast members and see costumes, so she had a great time. We have been doing a lot of singing along to Popular the last little bit-at least it kind of supplanted High School Musical 2 songs for a while.
The kids have done a lot of skiing with their dad this year and it has been really fun. A fun time was when Jay's parents came up and went skiing with the kids. Jay was embarrassed because Topher kept telling his grandpa to hurry up, and then he stopped that and yelled encouragement. They had a fun day.
We finished up basketball for the kids around Thanksgiving and it was a really fun season for both of them. I coached Anna's team and we had a blast. She improved so much it was awesome, she did great. Topher was hilarious on his team because he always wanted the ball and so did another kid so they would steal the ball from each other. Not quite the best teamwork, but hilarious. They never called travelling so Topher would just drop his shoulder and drive in and shoot, it was great. They both did so well and we had so much fun watching them-except the Saturday when there was no heat in the gym and I thought poor Baby Sharon was going to freeze to death!
We are now getting ready for baseball/softball season. Topher has started his soccer season and had his first game last Saturday. He tried out to be on a more competitive team and made it and I think he will like it better. The kids are a lot better and he is far from the best one on his team now, but they are keeping score and he really likes it. They have some Croatian coach who only shows up to about 1/8th of the stuff, so we are a bit handicapped, but I think the other dads are fed up and have taken over. It should be a fun season. Baseball practice starts next week so things should get quite busy here soon.
Anna is still taking violin and she is really making good progress. It is nice to actually hear something musical come out of that violin! Topher started piano and he is doing well. His main goal is to play songs as fast as he can-sometimes not the best method. Jacob is doing rock climbing and he really likes it. He looks so cute in his harness-wish the same could be said for me, but he really likes his class.
Baby Sharon is doing great. She is so cute walking around and babbling all the time. She is a bit behind on her speech but since my boys were too, I am not that worried. I am not quite ready to start speech therapy at this stage.
We have had 3 rounds of strep throat this winter. Right now, Jacob and Sharon have it. Poor Sharon was throwing up in the car when we were driving through to get her perscription-not good, it made for a long ride home for all of us. They are doing much better. Anna is sick with an ear infection-she came down at 5 this morning and I haven't seen her since I gave her some medicine, so I don't think she feels very good.
Jacob, Sharon and I leave for LA tomorrow for a little fun time trip. Poor Jacob just gets dragged from here to there all day long, so this is his little treat. He is really excited to go to Legoland on Thursday. He has told me is not going on any scary rides! I am trying to get the house ready to leave, it makes me a bit nervous, but Jay will do great.
Oh, I forgot to mention the house flood we had a couple of weeks ago. A hose bib broke just away from the house, so water was flowing into the crawl space under our house. We had about 700 gallons, and it broke right outside the firplace in the family room, so the water was all under the family room, kitchen and all the way to the stairs-no serious damage thankfully, just a huge pain. We had dehumidifiers and heaters going for about a week and the house was in total disarray, but we finally got it cleaned and put back together last weekend. Of course I had just fired my cleaning people, but my really good helpers got deported, but now they are back in Utah-they're really good and cheap if you need help Cath-so their replacements were horrible. It has been good though to make the kids clean and be more responsible. They are way ahead of me-when I went to BYU and lived at the Riv and had my first cleaning check, I had never mopped a floor nor had I cleaned a bathtub, I had no clue-I used the mop in the bathtub so I wouldn't have to bend over-nice I know, so I am saving my kids from not knowing how to clean-aren't I a great mom?
Anyway, that is my 'brief' update on our lives the past few months, I will try to stay more up to date and insert some more pictures, our computer died, and Jay was able to retrieve the data, but I don't quite know where it is.