Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pinewood Derby

We have passed a major milestone this week-our first Pinewood Derby. While I can't say we were big winners, Jay and Topher had a lot of fun building their car, and Jacob and Anna made ones too that are good. It was kind of chaos since Topher had a game, and I was running the thing. I was out grilling 60 hot dogs and then trying to wrangle the two little ones off to the church. Anna already left to her game which they won extending their undefeated season-we have a big game on Thursday versus the other only undefeated team, it should be a barn burner! So, it was a great night.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Tooth Trouble

We had dentist's appointments on the only snow day of the year, and since I was thrown off a bit with the kids home all day, I forgot all of our appointments. I finally got them in, and it was a good thing. Topher chipped his front tooth and I couldn't remember if it was the one he already chipped and he just broke off the bonded cap, or if it was the other one, well, it was the other one, so both of his permanent teeth are now capped. Jacob fell out of bed a while ago and knocked his front tooth and it is pretty gray, but the dentist said he didn't need it pulled unless it got infected. That was good news at least. Then, Anna went in and had a huge cavity in a baby tooth that was ready to fall out in a few weeks, so they decided to pull it. Let me say that Anna wasn't a trooper during this event. I was getting my teeth cleaned and I was just dying listening to her scream in the next stall over. The nurse came to ask me how "firm" they could be with her since the nurse asked her if she could feel something and of course Anna yelled out in pain, but the nurse wasn't even touching her. She got a little tricked on that one, so they got out the tooth, but Anna didn't go back to school that day. It had been a long day. My teeth took forever to clean because of my braces, so I was pretty done too. We started at the dentist at 8 AM and then we had to go back at 1 for Anna and I. At least we are done for another 6 months!
Then, to add to our tooth troubles, Baby Sharon was wandering the halls at church and went in a classroom and started to really cry. It just looked to me like she got tripped up on her dress, but then I noticed her front tooth was totally chipped. I think she must have hit a chair and chipped it. I was so sad. My poor children and their tooth issues. I was just glad that Jacob's can stay in for now and I don't have another kid with no tooth for years!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Frostbite and Fitflops

I got a great Christmas present from my mom last Christmas they are called Fitflops. They are supposed to work your core muscles more when you wear them and they are actually kind of cute too. So, I wore them for the first time last week since it has been so cold here. I was so sore it wasn't even funny. Those things work your glute muscles like crazy! So I was really excited about keeping wearing them until Saturday when I went to coach Anna's game and I thought I was going to die of hypothermia. It was so cold, it even snowed during the game. Snow and softball do not go together in my mind at all, it was not good. So, I went home and took a hot bath but my feet were hurting so much I couldn't make it that hot, but I tried. Then we went to Topher's soccer game and froze all over again. It snowed at his game too. It was not a good Saturday. So, since my feet are still cold I haven't been able to wear my great fit flops and now I am going to have to start all over again getting sore. Yesterday was a warm day and I almost wore them to Topher's baseball game last night, but since it got freezing towards the end and I didn't even have a jacket, I was glad I left my fitflops at home. I slept with the heating pad on high last night right by my feet, and I just took about a half hour shower so I am ready to throw up, but my feet are still cold-I guess my Fitflops will just have to wait, as will my toned glutes!

Monday, April 21, 2008

I hate Slushees!

Today Jacob and I went to Sonic and I ordered him a slushee. It was happy hour and so drinks were half price. He said he didn't like slushees but I told him he had to try it. So, I passed him his drink, and he started to scream, spit and then threw his slushee on the floor of the car. I picked it up, but he had split the cup open and I had a huge mess on my hands not to mention the fact that he was screaming at the top of his lungs how much he hated slushees and why did I order him something that tastes like garbage. That was about 5 minutes of that, and then he asked me if we could turn our house into a restaurant so that we could live at a restaurant. It was quite a turn of conversation, but that's how it rides are kind of a crap shoot, they say cute things like wanting to open a restaurant at our house, and then you have slushees thrown all over the place! You've got to love Jacob!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


We have had two "incidents' this week, One comical, and one totally annoying and stupid. Jacob is in a playgroup after preschool and after he went to a friend's house this week, she called me and told me there had been an "incident." I was very worried Jacob had done something naughty, so I was waiting for her to tell me something bad...she told me they were outside jumping on the trampoline, I was a bit nervous at this point since he did break his leg on a tramp, and she said she went outside to check on them only to find them jumping with their pants and underwear off. I started to laugh because I was so relieved that he hadn't hurt himself or done anything naughty. The mom was so freaked out that I was going to be mad, but it wasn't a big deal. It was so cold that day I can't imagine anything worse than being outside with no pants on, but I am not 4. Jacob had a great time and saw no problem with the whole "incident."
Our next problem was with Topher's soccer team. His team has been kind of a fiasco from the get-go. His coach flaked, and they have had a parent coach. The other teams they have played have all been playing together for some close to two years, so needless to say, we have gotten killed at every game. The parents coach has been unable to back off and just focus on improving and that the boys are having fun, he yells at them, swears at them-is "move your asses an appropriate thing to yell at 8 year olds?" and rides them so hard nobody has fun and they still lose. So, last Thursday a parent said something. Well, it got ugly pretty fast, and there were some lovely emails sent out and it was so stupid. The coach just looked like the biggest dipwad. He quit, saying oh so sarcastically that he had probably scarred 3 or 4 kids for life so he had better stop, and everyone was relieved. We had a game on Saturday that the assistant coach took over and did a great job. We scored twice-half our goals of the season-it's been a long season, and the boys really had fun. The dumb coach sat in the car to watch the game. The head of the league came to talk to the parents after the game and tried to smooth things over. We are now in a tournament that starts next week that nobody knew about, so the season and saga continues! What a mess.
I think I prefer jumping on a trampoline with no pants on to dealing with a nut case of a coach any day!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Baby Sharon has discovered something wonderful the past few warm days we have finally had...outside. She loves to be outside walking around, the closer to the middle of the street she is, the happier she is. When I take her out of her carseat, she starts to squirm and only wants d-o-w-n! It has been fun to see her being outside and playing with all the kids, she just loves it. She got so dirty in the gutter it was pretty gross, but Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when He made skin, it just washes right off! We have had a fun day today.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Fever

Our first Saturday of baseball and softball season is behind us. Topher had a game at 10 and then Anna had a game at three. I was facing the sun the entire day on our first sunny day so I got fried. I look like I have been skiing a lot which unfortunately is not the case. Topher's game was not so good. They got the mercy rule enacted they were losing so badly. They have all these rules about how many pitches each kid can throw in a
week-40 is the limit and some of our stellar pitchers were reaching their max in less than an inning. Can I just express how long and how bad this inning was-bad scene out there. Topher was so bored he was crying on the way home saying how boring the game was. His team has got to get some better pitching it is just too painful to watch and to have to endure for these little boys!
Anna's game was really fun. We ended up tying 18-18. There was a lot of action. During the game I switched to be third base coach so that we could start sending girls to steal home. The other coach is pretty lax, but I didn't want to offend him or anything, so he was cool with me coaching third. Anyway, that inning we scored 5 runs and that is the max allowed. So next inning the head coach said she wanted to coach third-I guess I wasn't being aggresive enough and I switched to 1st. We were sending the girls like crazy-if they walk they are allowed to steal so that made things more exciting to have them get a double off a walk. It was a fun game. The girls had a lot of fun and we should have a good season. Many more games to come!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What the...?

How can it be Spring? Today I woke up to two little boys jumping in my bed so excited about the snow! I was surprised to see how much we got. I am ready for some warmer weather. After the excitement of the snow, Jacob went upstairs to play with Anna and since she was getting dressed she slammed the door on him and told him to leave her alone. He burst into tears and came downstairs and told me, "Anna breakded my heart when she told me to leave!" He was very sad. So, later we posed for this picture and it was a struggle. Kids were cold, Jacob was hamming it up, and smiles were a little forced, but they had a good laugh when I told Jacob only the top of his head was going to be in the picture and that got them smiling. (kind of)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Day in the Life

Yesterday was such a crazy but typical day, I just thought I would record it.
Up and out of bed reading scriptures at 8:00 (our first time in sooo long it's not even funny). We were at the part in Mosiah where Abinadi teaches the 10 commandments. I had the kids play special attention to the honour thy father and mother part. Anna gave a really sweet prayer saying help up to obey the commandments. Quick breakfast and then time to practice the violin with Anna. It was such hell I can hardly describe it. She was hysterical and screaming at me and running upstairs, it wasn't good. So, then I went upstairs to get Jacob dressed and I look at Topher who is in the same clothes he has been in since Saturday after his soccer game and baseball practice. Yes, he was gross, so he got yelled at to get in the bath and then when I was dressing Jacob I saw him put back on the same dirty clothes, including underwear and I totally lost it with him. How gross! So, he got on some clean clothes, Jacob got dressed, Anna and I talked about being more calm and we talked her prayer how she asked to keep the commandments and she had just broken one, and that she could practice again after school to try to earn her privileges back, and she apologized. So, we were late, but Topher and Anna made it to school on time. In my rush to get out the door, I left the baby's food on the counter as I rushed her to the car and picked up Anna's jacket she left since it was about 30 degrees outside. Poor Baby was screaming she was so hungry so after I took Jacob to school, we went to McDonalds. Then we went to church to play basketball. We had a great group of ladies and although my team lost, I had a good time. I took the baby home and gave her a bath since she was also in the same clothes since Saturday-isn't Conference weekend great? and Jay hadn't even washed the tangerine out of her hair the night before when he put her to bed.
I then went and picked up Jacob from school and then I started to drive to the Scout Office. When Jacob got in the car, I told him the baby had a pancake left over from breakfast that he could eat if he wanted. When he found out she had two and he only got one, he went crazy and screamed for about 10 minutes. Being the fabulous mother that I am, I told him if he stopped crying I would get him something else at McDonalds. So, on my second trip of the day through the Drive Thru, I ordered 3 apple dippers and some fries. The dummies there gave me three apple pies which Jacob then started to scream about saying they were junk and going to make him throw up. I was trying not to eat them they smelled so delicious, and with great difficulty, I was able to refraine. Not a good McDonalds day, and we were too far to turn around by the time I checked the bag. I had to get the cars for the Pinewood Derby that I have no idea what I am doing, but I am pretty good at buying things, so that was fine. While at the Scout Office, Jacob decided it would be a good idea to spit chewed up fries all over the place and in the baby's face. It was great. Those ladies at the Scout office really love me-totally clueless, not in full uniform, and I always have these crazy kids with me. So, we left the Scout office and went to the Craft Warehouse to get ribbons for Anna's hair for her softball team and I was looking for computer paper to print the Pinewood Derby rules on that would be cute. They didn't have any, so I made the executive decision to use light blue, but they did have some cute ribbons and that was good.
So, now we are on our way home and I went back to McDonalds to get my Apple Dippers and they gave them to me and let me keep the Apple Pies. We happily then went home and ate our apples and Baby went to sleep.
The next hour is a blur of playing Webkinz for Jacob, trying to clean up, do laundry, eat lunch, get showered and ready for my coach's meeting at 2. We had a good meeting, lasted about 45 minutes longer than I thought, so I had to hurry home to turn around and pick up Anna and Topher from school. They were great and Anna apologized again the first thing when we got in the car. She had a great violin practice later that afternoon. I got the cars delivered to the Den Leaders so that was done. Topher did his piano and did a nice job. He is playing Scarborough Fair right now and he thinks the words are really funny. I went on itunes and played the song for him and he hated it. What a nut. We did spelling for both kids and Topher went to soccer with Jay. They got home had baths, and the two little kids went to bed and we sat down to watch TV at 8:20-that was a record for the last little bit of us getting to sit down to relax.
Can't wait to start tomorrow with a meeting with Topher's school at 8:15 AM!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring Break

Well, I have had a busy last few weeks. Jacob and I had so much fun going to Legoland and Disneyland. He was adamant that he didn't want to go on any scary rides, and then when I told him a certain ride was Topher's favorite, he really wanted to go. So, this is the picture of Jacob on that ride. The kid was so scared, but the amazing thing is, he wanted to go on it again! We had a really fun day and beautiful weather. Legoland was not crowded at all, but Disneyland was a bit. Small World was closed, they have to fix the ride because everyone is so fat now that the boats are going to sink-pretty sad statement, but true, so he was a bit sad about that. We had a lot of fun together.
When I was down there, I helped my parents get their house ready to list which I didn't realize was such a big job. So, when I wasn't at an amusement park, I was lifting and hauling and helping the whole time which I was glad to do. But, when I got home and told Jay how much I had done and how much more there was to be done, we decided to go down for Spring Break. My mom heated the pool so the kids could swim and we worked a ton. Jay got their back hill looking fabulous. He had a lot of fun because my dad would go get day laborers and then Jay could speak Spanish and get them working! Topher got to go out and help Teedy clear out her house, so that was fun for him. If you want to see the house, it is listed on in La Canada-zip 91011-it looks so amazing. It is really sad to think that someone else is going to be living there, but I think it will be a good thing. They had really good success at their Open House, and it looks like they should have some offers pretty soon. I am so tired though because I had to fly back Monday morning at 6:30. When my alarm went off at 4:35 I wasn't quite ready to get up! Jay drove back with the kids and my dad and then my dad flew home on Saturday. There was a lot of stuff I could do inside the house that my dad wasn't quite as good at, so while I was working with my mom he got to go to this really cool baseball game at the Colliseum between the Red Sox and Dodgers celebrating 50 years in LA-I am glad someone got to do something fun! My house is a total wreck, poor Jay with the kids and he was so tired too, it is pretty bad. I am so sad Julio got deported and couldn't clean while we were gone. Oh well, another day of filth isn't going to kill anyone. Of course that is what I have been saying for way too long now, so things aren't too good.
Easter was really fun. We took time off and went to the Country Club for dinner. When Anna got her food she said,"I haven't had a dinner this good in a long time." After she realized what she said, she did say that I made her good dinners too, but I think the pasta casserole doesn't quite compare to prime rib roast! Topher loved his lamb and the baby ate so much it was incredible. She had a cereal bowl full of blackberries, rasberries and blueberries-three seperate bowls of each, a plate of ham, and bread. It was pretty amazing. We went back to the Country Club on Wednesday and had the same waiter and he remembered her and asked what kind of berries she wanted to start with that night. I don't have any pictures because we used my dad's camera and I haven't copied them yet.
While I was gone, my friend painted my room, so it is nice to not have blue splotches of paint all over the place and to feel good when I go in there, and not crazy, but of course this adds to the mess. It will all get straightened out at some point!