Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jacob's Pre-School Graduation

Jacob had the best year at pre-school. He had such a great teacher and it was great. I couldn't go to his graduation and Jay took about 200 pictures, so it took me a while to go through all of them, that is why this blog is out of order. Oh well. His teacher was cute and gave them all a CD of pictures she had taken over the year. It is so funny to me that he is off having experiences that I am not a part of, but that's what happens in life, and it is a good thing.
Here he is eating green eggs and ham.

Next up is a picture of them after a day of cooking
I don't know why my font is like this, it is bugging me... another of him doing a volcano..

Now one of him running to get his "diploma"
Posing with his teacher

We love Jacob. He is such a funny boy. We were driving in the car, and he asked me why daddy picked me. And I asked him what did daddy pick me for? He then asked why daddy picked me to be his wife. I told him I didn't know, he would have to ask his dad, but then I told him why I picked his dad. I said, "he's smart, nice" I was then interrupted to be told that he, Jacob, is the smartest person on earth which kind of ended our conversation about picking eternal companions!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Our day at Boondock's

We had a great day at Boondock's yesterday. Yvonne came up to visit and the kids really wanted to go do something fun, so off we went! Jacob loves mini-golf. He had a legitimate really good hit and then he said, "I am the best mini-golfer on earth!" He then deteriorated to putting the ball on the edge of the cup to hit it in. He had a great time. Anna and Topher loved the bumper boats and the go-karts but I think their favorite part was the lazer tag. They had a great time running around and shooting in the all-new two story course. Baby Sharon went to sleep, so that helped everyone. The lines were kind of long for the go-karts because there were only 4 double cars and all the teenagers wanted to ride together so we had to wait forever. The kids were all wet from the bumper boats, but we still had a great time. You've got to love Boondock's!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Oregon Trail

Since Jay left for Florida early this morning and Baby Sharon is sick, I made the executive decision to not go to church. Since we had to do something all day and Anna has been on such an Idaho history kick and is also in the middle of an Oregon Trail project, I thought it would be fun to go to the Oregon Trail site. Supposedly you can see original rut marks, the kids thought everything was original, but I don't know, I kind of think horse poop would have gone away by now. Anyway, we were having a great time, and then Jacob kind of slipped through the rungs of a fence and did a flip and got scared and mad. For the rest of the time he was screaming how boring the whole things was and that he wanted to go home. Trudging along with two crying children really made me appreciate the pioneers. They really did an amazing thing. So, we had a fun day out on the Oregon Trail and I was so happy to come home to an air conditioned house and relax!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Un-Birthday!

Since Jacob has a summer birthday, he celebrated today at preschool. Last night at 10:30 as I was making cupcakes, I wasn't too excited, but he had a fun day. It was all worth it when we were driving and the song came on "Thank you Mommy." I said "oh, I like this song," to which he replied, "I hate it!" It warmed my heart. Since coming home from school he has had about 5 cupcakes, so he appreciates me somewhat. He was cute though as we were driving to school and he told me he was going to get me a robot to fold up clothes for my birthday-if only that were possible! You just have to take the extremes with Jacob-the good and the bad. He does look super cute in this picture and he was very excited to share his cupcakes.

Bobcat Report

This is Anna's Bobcat Report. They are studying Idaho history this year and Anna has loved it. At first, I didn't know what they were going to study. California we did the missions and all that and there was obviously tons in Massachusetts to study, but Anna has learned a lot about our great state of Idaho. As a side note, when I was looking through her text book, I saw a small paragraph on Brigham Young and the Mormons in the state of Idaho. Then, there were about 4 pages about Jewish people in Idaho. I was horrified. We get two sentences and we settled the majority of the state and the Jews get half a chapter-does that seem right? I think Anna thought I was being nuts when I was telling her how dumb her textbook is, kids think whatever is in a book is true. Anyway, back on topic, she did this report all by herself and we are really proud of her. She got it finished early and did a great job. They have a big Rendezvous for all the 4th graders in the district and that is going on today. She was really excited about getting to mine for gold. Their class bagged 1500 bags of popcorn for their contribution. Hopefully she isn't melting in the heat!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Feliz Cinco de Mayo

I love Cinco de Mayo. It was always such a fun holiday in LA and we had a lot of fun celebrating it as a family growing up. Then, when I lived in Mexico, it was really fun to have a cinco de mayo down there. That one was more of a military parade and less about going out to eat at a fun restaurant, but it was interesting nonetheless. So, today here in good ol' Idaho, Topher had a presentation called "La Tarde de Espanol." It was really cute. He had been singing all these songs to me and I swear the only word I understood was amigo. He did a great job though and really enjoyed it. Baby Sharon was wandering all over the place and was doing little laps around the teacher who was conducting from the floor in front of the risers. Everyone was laughing and I felt very Mormon at that time, but that's life. Jacob wore his Dash costume for some unknown reason, so we were quite a group. It was a fun afternoon and a fun cinco de mayo.

Bad luck

Jay had a bad accident on Saturday night at Topher's baseball practice. A coach, who played college baseball, threw in a ball from the outfield and it knicked Jay's glove and hit him in the face. It was totally gross and the little boys were impressed with the amount of blood. As Topher called it, it was like a waterfall. So, 12 stitches later, he felt much better. It was a totally gross wound and he hasn't felt very well since. I stopped getting sympathy for my braces being tightened pretty quickly. I got brackets on the inside of my teeth for rubber bands and my tongue is totally shredded, so I told Jay my tongue is like hamburger, and he replied with, my face is like hamburger!
Anyway, it is nice to have the warmer weather, the kids are enjoying their scooters and bikes. I got this cool thing for practicing hitting and they have really enjoyed it, and I think their hitting has improved too. Anna's softball team lost for the first time last Thursday and it was a crazy game. The other coach came and got in the umpire's face about calls-the umpire who is a parent volunteer, it was pretty ugly. I hated going over to 1st base side to coach because they were talking so much smack about us. We lost by 1 run, so when we play them next time, we'll get them!