Friday, August 29, 2008

Riding the Bus

We have had many problems with Jacob and transportation so far this first week of kindergarten. After school the first day, I went to parent pick up and asked where was Jacob and they had no idea. So, I saw him out of the corner of my eye getting on the bus. He was getting on the bus that would have gone to our bus stop by our house, but he wasn't supposed to get on the bus-the reason I was at school to pick him up! Anyway, we got him out of line and then his teacher called to apologize. That situation is now resolved and Jacob is there waiting when I come to pick him up. Then trying to get him to school on the bus has been another story. After the bus driver drove past us for two days, I finally went down to school to figure out what was going on with the route. We finally got the situation resolved and he was able to ride the bus yesterday for the first time. We walked there and Sharon wanted to wear a back pack too, so fortunately I hadn't thrown away Anna's old one yet, so she wore that one. Then when he got on the bus, she thought she was going too, and that is when her world came crashing down. She wasn't happy to say the least. Oh well, it's only 4 more years until she gets to go on the bus, I am sure she won't mind waiting!
Jacob practiced his "strong guy" pose as we waited for the busAt the "bus stop"Yay! we made the bus and the lady stopped for us!Happy times
A little frustrated to be left at home!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Anna has decided after watching me blog that she wants one of her own. Check it out

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summer Recap 2

I just downloaded my picture card and I found a bunch of fun pictures from the summer. We went to Joshua Tree National Park when we were in California and it was really cool. The kids had so much fun climbing on all the rocks. It was a beautiful day and there was nobody there. I wish that Jay had been there because he would have loved it. It was such a cool place and I was jealous of the people camping there and doing some real rock climbing and repelling, but then when I was sleeping in a comfortable bed, that feeling pretty much went away. Here are some pictures of a couple different Children's Museums we went to. The kids love going and the one here in Boise is basically beyond pathetic, so it is really fun to go to ones when we are gone. We saw the Body World exhibit again, and the kids really liked it, but Jacob kept saying how "creepy" everything was. It was fun to go with them, and we had a great time.Also, some pictures from our time in Utah. I didn't take my camera to the top of the Y, but we had a fun time jumping on the tramps and being together.
I also have a few pictures from Rexburg. This is from the drive there, it was a huge gorge!Anna and I were a little scared on the bridge!
This is on our way back, looking at Craters of the Moon National Park, Anna was in too much discomfort to stop, maybe next time...This is James and Anna after the ticket machine shot out about 300 tickets at the game center. They were soo excited!Here is Topher with his little cousin, Beck, I don't think either one of them was too excited about this picture!
We had a great time, and our drives were good too. It sure helps when you only have 2 big kids with you, things can actually be fun and easy! Anyway, just a few more summer highlights.

Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School

Today was a great day, the first day back to school! I am going to miss them, but when I closed the door after dropping off Topher and Anna today, what a relief! They are ready to go back and so am I. They did such a good job getting ready today. We practiced, did scriptures, and we were early to school. Let's see how we hold up!
Jacob had his first day of kindergarten today that I was a little bit sadder about. He just looked so little lining up to go into his classroom. I am a bit worried about how he will do since he got kicked out of church again yesterday. The teacher asked the kids about their favorite scripture story and he started screaming that he wanted to talk about Bionicles and that she was making him angry talking about the scriptures. So, he had to go outside and then he was fine. Hopefully his teacher won't make him talk about anything he doesn't want to today! He knows a bunch of kids in the class and he will do just great. So, it's just Baby Sharon and I here in the afternoons, so maybe I'll be able to keep my house cleaner without children starting waterballoon fights upstairs the day after the carpets were cleaned-not a happy thing, and kids in and out all day. It does feel really quiet right now, and I am enjoying every second of it!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot

Monday was "Family Day" at the Western Idaho State Fair, which means there was no smoking or drinking, so that is where we went for Jacob's birthday party. I forgot my camera in the car, but by the time I walked to the gate I was so glad I didn't have it because it was so hot. I stood in line for the ride that you sit and swing around in a circle high in the air dangling in your little metal chair-anyway, by the time I stood in the heat listening to nasty Mexican rap songs, fortunately nobody else in our group understood the words, and spun around about 50 times in the air, I felt really sick and old! I am way past my prime fair age! Oh well, I stayed off the rides and out of the sun for the rest of the time there. So, Jacob and his friend went on a pretty scary ride-Topher and his friend went too, but the little boys came off and were ready to go on the next one, but Topher was literally gray. His lips were completely colorless. So, Topher had a rest, and then he went on a ride with my dad. It was kind of like the Viking Ship ride, but it was a circular track that went all the way upside down and would stop and dangle you hanging upside down. Every time around my dad got redder, and Topher got paler. So, the ride had just come to a stop, and Topher started puking. He was still in the harness and facing some other kid, and he just threw up a ton. He said he felt a lot better after. It was pretty funny to see it from a sideways perspective. Not good. After that we stuck to pretty tame rides. Jacob's favorite was the Giant Slide. He loved to race down the slide with his little friend. It was really cute to see him racing down on his potato sack. His little face was so red and was so sweaty, but he had a great time. When we got in the car it was 107 degrees, so it was no wonder we were hot! Nevertheless, we had a great day at the fair!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Summer Recap

Our summer has been a really good one. We left the day school got out and went down to LA. We stayed there for about a month helping my parents move out of their house. It was a lot of work, but they got out. It was pretty sad to leave that house the last day, but after all the work I did there, there are some parts of me that never wanted to see that place again! It is weird to think that someone else lives in that house now, but they are nice people and I hope they enjoy it!
One of Topher's favorite things he did was to attend the USC football camp. I don't know who was more excited, Topher, or my dad, but they had a fun day. Topher was next in line to catch a pass from Pete Carroll, and the defensive coordinator told him he did a great job hitting the tackling dummy. It was really a fun camp because all the coaches were there working with the boys and there was a lot of interaction. There were hundreds of little boys there and it was kind of a madhouse. Fun day though.
We had a great trip to Provo and got to see all our Calder cousins. We had a really fun time hiking the Y and spending some time together. The kids had a great time playing and being together.
July at home was nice. We relaxed and spent a lot of time together. The kids did some fishing with Jay which they really liked. So far, nobody has caught anything, but they keep trying! My parents moved in up here so we helped them get settled, which was a much easier job than packing up! We went to Rexburg and saw Christine and her new baby who is so cute and sweet. We had a fun visit and the kids had a great time. Jacob and Sharon stayed home with Grandma which was nice since they were both sick. Jacob had strep so I was glad to not have him spreading germs all over Idaho. We also visited with Jennifer and her cute little guy, Beck, and her husband, Spence. We had a good time with them and it was fun to see their new apartment. Anna got a bladder infection on our drive back home and she wanted to stop in every little town to go to the bathroom. It was a pretty long drive back!
So now we are home and ready to start school next week! I can't believe that summer is over so soon. I am going to miss the kids being home all day. We have had a lot of fun this summer!