Monday, September 29, 2008


Jacob-just born all 9 lbs. 15 oz. of him-he was a chunk! Especially for a week early!First Father's DayHelping us build something for our new house in Idaho
Two cute boys!
Something obviously didn't go Jacob's way!
Hanging out at the pumpkin patch
The horses at Thanksgiving Point
First Birthday
All dressed up for Thanksgiving Dinner!Disneyland!
Natural History Museum.

Hanging out at Surf Camp
Asking to go to Hawaii-who could say no to this cute guy, but he didn't get to go and we all had a much better time sorry to say!
EasterTurning 5!

I was going to write a little blog entry about Jacob since it was his birthday, but that came and went, and then I was going to do it a month later, but that came and went too, so, for no particular reason, I am going to write about Jacob. Jacob is really smart and really caring. He knows a lot of things about a lot of people. He knows everybody's birthdays and gets really excited for them. He also really likes his birthday and has already begun planning next year's festivities. He got angry at me and told me I can't make his cake-aw shucks, so his dad is going to make it. I don't think that will happen, and I don't think Jacob really wants it, but Jacob loves his daddy. He thinks his dad is really cool, smart, strong, you name it if it is positive, Jacob thinks Jay is it! He shares his dad's love of Indiana Jones, and was sad that Jay didn't have a shirt to match with his and Topher's.
Jacob is a good reader. I can't believe the things that kid reads. He has just started really enjoying coloring and he makes really cute pictures and drawings. He made me a certificate for snuggles that he brings in when I need some snuggles.
Jacob and I share the same taste in music. I was singing a song by my new favorite artist, Matt Nathanson called "Come on Get Higher" to myself as I was making dinner, and he just joined right in and told me his favorite part was "drowning in love." So, while those lyrics are OK, his true favorite song is "Rockstar" by Nickelback, and those lyrics are probably not super appropriate for a 5 year old to be singing, but when he sings about getting a key to the Playboy mansion, it cracks me up. He also loves the Jonas Brothers and when I turn the channel he gets a bit upset. It is fun to ride around in the car with Jacob and listen to songs with him.
Jacob loves the Book of Mormon. He likes to read it to the speech therapist, and he really likes to read from the book of Jacob. He thinks that is pretty cool to have his own book. He might want to do scriptures on his own time and in his own way, but he does enjoy them-which kind of makes up for all the music he listens to that he probably shouldn't.
Jacob says funny things all the time. Just today we were walking upstairs to get dressed and he asked me what "sweet" meant. I told him it meant it had a lot of sugar, and he replied that I was wrong, "sweet means it tastes really good." No argument from me! Yesterday coming home from church he randomly said, "I love your dad, Dad because he wears glasses. I really like Grandpa Jim's glasses." Pretty funny little guy.
I think Jacob is just about the cutest little guy in the world. I love his hair, and his bright blue eyes. He got a really bad haircut when my dad took him last week, so now it is really short and he basically looks bald when it is combed, but he still looks cute. He got to pick out a pair of Skechers for school-you are not allowed to call them shoes, they are Skechers and he loves them. The poor kid I think this might be the first pair of shoes purchased just for him. He is a good sport about hand-me-downs, but he was really excited about his shoes.
I went in to help at kindergarten last week, and he just lit up when I walked in the room. I wish I could have bottled up that expression and pull it out whenever I am frustrated with him. He told everyone "that's my mom" and he was so happy to see me. It was a great feeling and pretty great that you can make someone's day like that just by walking in the room!
Jacob also really loves Baby Sharon and has a lot of fun with her. He loves to give her hugs and kisses and cracks up when we find her naked most times after she has been asleep.
Anyway, Jacob gets a bad rap for being naughty and he is pretty selective on who and when he will speak, but he really is a great kid. We have a lot of fun together!
Sorry for all the pictures, but it was fun for me to look at how much he has changed and grown over the years!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Teen Angst

When I was a teenager, I thought that everything I did was pretty hilarious. I loved to be obnoxious and to make people uncomfortable-that was a real favorite. I also loved to vandalize things and envision how mad someone would be when they found their mailbox covered in eggs and peanut butter-I delighted in these kinds of thoughts, and who wouldn't when you care about no one but yourself, it is great fun to disrupt other people's lives. Who can resist walking up to someone and screaming at the top of your lungs in their ear just to see them jump-it is really great fun. I totally cringe at some of the thing my friends and I did in high school. We always asked old people where the gay bar was just to see their reactions, or we would ask people if they got their HIV test results back in front of their moms to get them in trouble, or we would do it in front of complete strangers just to see their look of disgust as they glared at the unsuspecting person. My poor cousin from Salt Lake had probably the most miserable day at Disneyland with my friends and I as we would pinch people's butts and then they would look at her because of course we would be looking away being the cool kids from California that we were.
Anyway, pardon my ramblings, but you to realize how much I have grown up, you have to see where I started. So, sometime in the early 90's I stopped doing these things. It might have had something to do with almost getting kicked out of the dorms, or possibly the next year almost getting kicked out of BYU for honor code violations-who can pinpoint an exact moment, but it did happen, and now I am a responsible mom of 4. So, this is why what happened last Friday is all the more hilarious, and I might have opened a can of worms that cannot be closed. We play basketball three times a week and one of the girls hasn't been coming lately, but she always tells us she will come and then she doesn't show-what a flake! So, on Friday after we played and she didn't show up, we decided to TP her house-how can TP all over your front yard not make you want to come hang out with those same people who made the mess? We got some supplies, loaded up in my minivan-I think it is a prerequisite to take a minivan when you TP, and hit the road. Oh my gosh, when I had those rolls of toilet paper in my hands, it all came back to me. I was throwing high in the trees, getting full rolls in the gutters-I was at the top of my game, and I felt great. What a great time we had, a van full of crazy ladies in broad daylight throwing toilet paper, it was a fabulous morning. Then, I had to reign in all the craziness as I got back in the car and Jacob asked me what I was doing, and the baby was totally crying. The poor teenager in me really wanted to come out, but the ladies and I calmly drove away in the minivan, got our diet cokes and went our separate ways. I knew it wouldn't last.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Stroller Love

Since Sharon pooped in the toilet, I got her a new toy stroller. Jay said she loves the one at nursery, so I thought it would be a hit. It is! She loves that thing sooo much, you have to pry it out of her hands to put her down or to get in the car. She wanted to bring it up on my bed to sit down and play with me up there. She loves to push it. She got outside with it once, and took off down the street. I had to grab the stroller and drag her backwards. She laid down in the road, screaming her head off of course, and was pulling as hard as she could against me. Since I have a good 100 pounds on her-ha ha-it wasn't much of a pulling contest and then she really started screaming. It made me soo glad I bought her that stroller. She brought it with her to the church to lay basketball yesterday and was very helpfully pushing it in the middle of the game. She really wanted to be a part of the action and had an uncanny knack for being in the way 90% of the time. Anyway, she really does love it, and when a ten dollar toy brings so much happiness, I am more than happy to oblige.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


A couple of days ago we got a little potty seat for Sharon. She was scared to sit on the toilet and I had been reluctant to buy one of those gross potty seats where you have to dump it out and clean it, but I suppose it is better than having it smashed all over them, so we bought the dumb thing. Sharon loves it. She wants to be naked and sitting on it all the time. She even had her speech therapy session in the nude-a first for the therapist. She did say a lot of words trying to get her clothes off and trying to get on the potty seat, so that was good. Anyway, today she was walking around in the nude, and I heard her upstairs, so I took her downstairs and threw her on her seat, and she did her business in her little toilet! I was pretty excited. I don't think she knew what all the hullaballu was about, but I was thrilled! She can't talk, but she can poop in the toilet. It was totally gross dumping out the toilet, but once again, better than scraping it off her! All in all, a great day! I can't wait to be finished with diapers!


The cheap and brightly
colored ugly
plastic staple
of our backyard-

Has served our
family well.
Ten years of love
but not care, ends.

The car breaks.
Sharon cries.

The trash comes.
The car goes.

We loved our Little Tykes car. I suppose it wasn't designed for 10 year olds to go four wheeling in the backyard. Oh well, we definitely got our money's worth on this one!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Start of Football Season

Fall is a great time. I love the coolness in the air and the fact that the kids are back in school. Jay's favorite part is the fact that football is back on. Topher is loving playing football again this year. Football season means that all we do on Saturday is watch football. We go to Topher's game and then we watch the USC game and BYU games. Some people in my family think this is a great way to spend a Saturday. It is pretty fun for all of us and it is great to see Topher involved. We were watching the first SC game, and Topher saw Pete Carrol, the head coach, and he said, "Hey, I know that guy, I talked to him!" Then, as he was trying to explain to Jacob how cool this was, he told him, "Jacob, that is like you seeing SpongeBob on TV." So, Topher obviously likes Pete Carrol a lot per his analogy. Anyway, we got a kick out of that. Topher's own football has not been off to quite the glorious start that the Trojans and Cougars have. Their team only made 2 first downs the whole game. Topher got one of them. His team is tiny, so he has to be on the Offensive and Defensive lines. He likes to get in there and shove, so it is a good place for him. It is fun to watch even though his team is far from stellar. It will be cool to see the progress. We love Fall!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Silver City

Anna told me I am not allowed to write about Silver City since she wanted exclusive rights for her blog, but I am going to violate those rights since I want a more complete record. I decided to go to Silver City as a little day trip for our last Saturday of summer and before football started. It is 66 miles away and I thought no big deal. Little did I realize that 20 of those miles were on pretty treacherous dirt road. It was definitely exciting! Then, when we got into town, a "sherriff" stopped us and told us we ran a traffic light. It was a lantern tied across the street. After the guy talked to us for about 5 minutes he finally admitted it was a joke and they were just looking for donations to pay for the person they pay to stay in the town over the winter-hasn't anybody seen The Shining? People isolated for the winter is not a good idea. Anyway, the town was really cool and had a bunch of old structures. We ate lunch at the hotel and looked around for an open silver mine. Apparently they had all been closed last year, so the kids were a bit disappointed, but I thought it was really fun. It was a nice day trip and a great end to the summer.It really was beautiful and worth the somewhat scary drive.What a park! I could hardly tear the kids awayI thought this picture was pretty funny-I did not make an appoinment!