Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Flag Football

Topher had his next to last game this past weekend and his team has improved a ton. His team has done a great job of having everyone play and get a chance to do something with the ball. We could have won on Saturday, but we didn't exactly have the best players in at the end-even the kid who was the running back's dad who kept dropping the ball said to yank his kid, but we let him do his thing and we lost. It really wasn't a big deal to the kids because they didn't realize that a touchdown they thought they scored was called back because the boy stepped out of bounds. We'll just go ahead and let them think they won. When we were driving around, we saw the other team, so of course we scoped them out, and they had the world's biggest kid on their team. He probably weighed about 130 and was over 5 feet. He was huge! I told Topher I knew who he would be blocking and to get ready! I still can't believe that kid was in the third grade, he must've failed several grades.
Anyway, during the game, Topher was on defense, and he was trying to get past Godzilla, and I had to offer one of my famous sideline tips. I yelled at him to "swim" past the guy. He did, and he blew right past him and got the quarterback for a 10 yard loss. He was so proud of himself, as was the coaching staff on the sidelines. I know soon that my comments will be met with much eye rolling and disgust, but it was nice to know that good old mom actually knows something. For those who don't know, "swimming" is pretty much what it sounds like. You basically put your elbow in the other players armpit and slide under him-it works really well in many sports, so feel free to pass along this tip from the sideline.
It was so cold at the game thought I thought I was going to die! There was snow on the mountains and the wind was whipping right along. I was glad the kids were at home! Only one more game left and then we get to go sit in a gym!This picture cracks me up because Topher "switched" the person he was blocking-he was able to push this kid back just a bit farther!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Apple Picking

Last week, we got an email inviting us over to someone's house to come pick apples, so that was our activity for family night. It was close and free, so that was a winning combo for me! The kids love picking apples and it was a gorgeous night. There were some cows in the field and I think they got a lot of apples from us. Jacob liked to try to peg the cows from the tree. It was a fun night, but we picked way too many apples! I have been making every crazy recipe I can find trying to use up apples, and I give them to anyone who comes over. I think Sharon's speech therapist was quite happy with her haul of apples. Anyway, it was a fun time.I don't know whose tongue is sticking out more!
He was so proud of himself, he tired about 50 times to feed the cow.
Sharon's reaction to the cows, and Topher finally feeding oneUp in the tree

Craters of the Moon

Our day at Craters of the Moon National Park
Entering the cave...They made it out!
Our group!
This was inside the tunnel.
Can you see Baby Sharon and I way down? Anna took the camera!Jacob really loved this rock!
Topher was taking a break.
I had to put this picture in because Anna looks so "Calder" in it. She is such a cute little girl!

Last week we had a couple of days off of school, so on the first day when at nine o'clock everyone was already on timeout, I knew we had to do something. Jay was supposed to be able to take the day off on Friday, but it turned out he couldn't. So, I decided I would take the kids to Craters of the Moon National Park. We drove by this summer and it looked amazing, so I really wanted to go. It is three hours from our house, so I knew it was going to be a long day. Jay stayed home in the morning and helped us get off which was much appreciated. We made it there no problem, it is in the middle of no where so we packed lots of food, which somehow managed to be smashed all over the car, but that phenomena is for a much longer blog about my poor filthy car! When I got the baby out to change her diaper, she was soaking. Topher thought it would be a good idea to hand her a full bottle of water and let her dump it all over herself. It was about 60 degrees, so I wasn't super happy with him. Oh well, it was really windy and she dried pretty fast. We hiked all over the place and had a great time. There were a couple of paths that were paved and we could take the stroller. We went on this one path that was straight up a volcano, and the baby wanted to walk, and the other kids were racing up the mountain. It was really windy and it was on small lava pebbles that were kind of tricky, so I had to carry Sharon. I couldn't even see the kids, and there wasn't a whole lot I could do about it, except hope they eventually turned around and came back to the car-which they did. The kids were the most excited about going in the caves. We bought flashlights and they were really excited to go in the caves. Well, I had Sharon in the backpack, and we walked to the caves, and there was no way I could go in. So, I told Topher to watch Jacob and they set off. Everyone there was looking at me like I was crazy, but you have to have a little faith right? I couldn't sit down or else Sharon would try to fling herself out of the backpack, so I had to stand each time they went in a cave while being nervous about what was happening with Jacob. I could hear him ask Topher where to put his foot, and Topher so kindly replying to "hurry up, Jacob!" Topher brought Jacob out pretty quickly and that was fine. On the next cave, Anna was in charge of Jacob and things went much better. Apparently, they saw ice and used their flashlights and had a great time. We all went in a tunnel and it was pretty hard. I had to go down backwards with Sharon quite a bit because the steps were so big and steep. Jacob was very helpful and kept picking up Sharon's flashlight that she thought was hilarious to throw. I don't think any of our 6 new flashlights made it home in working order. By the time I got back to the car, I was really missing Jay! Sharon fell asleep in the backpack, but when I had to swing her around, she woke up and that was her nap. Everyone else was starving and thirsty and needed lots of help-including me! We made it back on the road and I was so tired, but we really had a great day and I hope the kids remember our trip to Craters, I know I sure will!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Primary Program

We had our Primary Program this past Sunday, and I took some pictures because the kids looked so cute. Anna had a solo part in I Love to See the Temple and did a really nice job. Jacob did a great job on his speaking part and Topher did too. I love the Primary program, it is probably one of my favorite Sacrament meetings. The kids were all so cute and really had some nice things to say. Our only problem was that Sharon kept seeing the kids and wanting in on the action, so that was a pain. This was especially bad since Jacob was sitting where the speakers usually sit so he was quite visible. I thought sitting with just her for Sacrament was going to be a breeze, but she was not really complying. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that she had something stuck up her nose that was starting to really bug her, who knows?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New One

Well, after 4 babies, I thought I had seen it all, but today I got a new one! Sharon's nose has been running since Sunday, and starting on Monday her breath was really bad. Yesterday when I went in to get her after her nap, I thought she had pooped, but it was just her stinky breath. I gave her three baths yesterday thinking I kept missing poop, and then I would wipe her nose and I thought I had poop all over my hands. I can't express how gross and stinky she was! Anyway, when she woke up again today just literally rancid, I called the pediatrician. When I told him what was going on, he told me it sounded like she had something up her nose-and only one nostril was running, which is also symptomatic. So, after they wrapped her up in a towel and used some spreader thing, they dug out the grossest thing ever out of her nose. The doctor just chucked it because we were all gagging. The poor nurse holding her shoulders as she was screaming and wailing was gagging at the smell. They immediately took the trash out. So, Baby Sharon is doing better, but is on antibiotics since having her nasal passage blocked for days on end kind of leads to a sinus infection, but at least she is feeling better, and I can go into her room and hold her and not want to puke!