Sunday, December 28, 2008

Funny and Unrelated Things

First off, today is Sunday and after Jacob got home from church, I asked him to clean up his room. He threw himself on the couch and said, "awww, today is the day of rest! and I need a rest!" It was pretty funny.
Next random thought, Sharon still has something up her nose. Jay took her to the doctor on Christmas Eve, and the doctor had him "blow her nose" which meant he had to put his mouth on hers, plug her clear nostril, and then blow. He said he almost threw up at what came out and hit his lips. Not good, but what a great dad! So, he did it again yesterday, and he shot something out of her nose, and I think he got whatever was crammed up there. It shot out of her nose and hit his lips again and then landed on her chin. I wiped up her chin while Jay was gagging and trying to not throw up, and it was disgusting. I do think she is better today though, so that was worth it!
Third funny thing is about Guitar Hero. Jay got the game from my parents for Christmas and we have been having a blast! The kids' favorite song is "Eye of the Tiger." We have played that song so many times I am getting really sick of it. Jay loves it that they love this crazy song, and even Jacob can sing all the words now. It is pretty funny to hear Jacob up in his room singing "rising up to the challenge of our rival." Jay recorded Rocky 3 that was on TV last night in the middle of the night and the boys are dying to watch it. I think Jacob meant watch Rocky 3 instead of rest for a Sunday activity!
Anyway, we had a great Christmas, the kids have had soo much fun with Jay home. It has been really nice.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

It seems like it has been a very short Christmas season this year, but we have been having a lot of fun. Topher and Anna have been introducing Jacob to all kinds of versions of "Jingle Bells," so he sings all these versus about stitches in your head, and a one year open sleigh-it is pretty funny. He has strep throat now, so he hasn't been doing much singing. We have had a ton of snow this week, so every day the kids and Jay have gotten up to shovel the driveway-we always seem to have a snowblower when there is no snow, and nothing when we have a lot. It has been really pretty and definitley felt quite "Christmasy."
One of my favorite things about Christmas is the song by Band Aid, Feed the World. It doesn't really feel like Christmas until I have heard that song on the radio. So far this year, I haven't heard the song-have I mentioned how much XM/Sirius radio sucks? I have heard about 100 songs by the Carpenters, but no Band Aid. I still remember when I first heard the song. I was in 6th grade, and we had a whole school assembly. The seniors played this song and I thought it was the coolest thing ever-it helped that the girl who played it had a dad who was the drummer from Oingo Boingo, so obviously whatever she said was instantly cool! All us girls at my great school-whose idea was it to send me to an all girl middle school?-loved the song and it was really fun. So, whenever I hear the song, I just remember that great assembly and how much fun it was. I am going to have to break down and just play it tomorrow, but it somehow seems more magical when it actually comes on the radio-oh well, I will just have to create my own magic!
Hope everyone has a Christmas filled with whatever makes them feel magical!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Round 2

OK, so this might sound like something I wrote a while ago, but Sharon stuck something else up her nose again. My kids have been sick since we got home from Thanksgiving. I have had at least one kid home from school every day last week, and yesterday none of them went to church-could this have to do with the fact that all the Christmas decorations were out, but none were on the tree yet? Jesus will be the only one with enough wisdom to sort that one out. Anyway, they have all been throwing up and saying their stomachs hurt. Sharon has had a foul odor about her for the past few days. She'll be really stinky and I'll think, "I bet that crazy baby put something up her nose again," but then both her nostrils would run and I would assume that she would only have one nostril plugged, so she must just have a little cold. As she continued to get stinkier and stinkier, I thought she had strep. I started to get really concerned when I put her to bed at 6:30 on Saturday, and she woke up after 4 PM on Sunday, and she didn't even know about the Christmas tree! At that point, I decided to call first thing this morning. So, she has stuff crammed up both nostrils this time, and it was once again, disgusting. They couldn't tell if it was a dryer sheet or gauze. I am wondering if it is from the pillows that Costco recalled because all the stuffing comes out? They are really soft and she really likes it, but I might have to return it! I'll go check it out and see if the stuffing is loose when she wakes up. So after the doctor, we went to Target and Sharon has decided that she doesn't want to sit in the cart anymore. We have to nip this idea in the bud, or else a great deal of pleasure will be removed from my life. Anyway, we were getting pretzels and Diet Coke, and she was screaming her head off. Since her little procedure, her nose was starting to bleed. The Target worker was like, "Eww, gross, what is wrong with your baby!" and I was just trying to get my Coke and get going. It was also super helpful that it was handicapped field trip day at Target and they were all fascinated by the baby with the bloody nose. I love being a spectacle!
So, the other thing that might sound familiar was that my basketball team got killed by the Amazon ladies team again, but no, we just played them again and shockingly enough, we had the same result-we lost. We had the worst refs who called no fouls, and these stupid ladies were the worst sports. It was getting pretty ugly, but let me tell you about my favorite play of the game. I had the ball and I shot, I was fouled, but they didn't make a call. I missed the shot and got the rebound, I was fouled, but no call. I was dribbling in the key-smart move it know, got fouled, and they stole the ball. I was pretty worked up at this point, and decided that if they weren't going to make a call, I would take matters into my own hands. I didn't even know who stole the ball, but I decided to throw them to the ground. I reached out and grabbed their jersey and pulled them back so they would go to the ground. Well, I didn't grab their shirt, I grabbed their shorts, and I pulled the girl's shorts off to her knees! This all happened right in front of our bench, so everyone was laughing. (Except the girl whose pants came off!) Someone on my team immediately apologized and said I was just trying to stop from falling, and then someone else said, "no, did you see her face, she was really mad!" Anyway, I actually got called for the foul and it was hilarious. After the game I apologized, and she huffed into me with her shoulder and wouldn't give me a high five-some people are such poor sports!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Very Random Thoughts

So, as my kids are sick of turkey and I am sick of cooking, I decided to make a good ol' tuna casserole last night. I don't know what I am doing wrong as a mother here, but my kids were repulsed by it! I was horrified, but I ate quite a bit to make up for it. I think my kids might be secret communists, and I don't know what I am going to do with them!
Sharon and I were at Target and I stopped the car, but realized I was parked at a 45 degree angle and over the yellow line-stupid gas-guzzling Escalade-see I told you we all might be communists, so I restarted the car to straighten it out. Sharon thought we were leaving, and burst into tears because she didn't even get to go into our own little heaven on earth, known as Target. See, then I felt like I was a good mom because of all the good values I am teaching my 2 year old!
So, the kids have all been sick since we got back from our Thanksgiving in Utah-we had a great time by the way, it was great to see all the Calders and some of my family too-this might be why the tuna casserole met with such objections, but who knows! I was driving along in the aforementioned Escalade by myself and happily guzzling gas, and I was scrolling through the radio stations. I don't know about you, but I am sickened by the Sirius/XM merger. My favorite station, Flight 26, has been replaced by the stupid Pulse, and I hate it. I used to never have to change the channel, but now I do. So, I was driving along and I was thinking about a text my friend got yesterday about Elder Wirthlin dying. I haven't even had time to confirm, but I was thinking about how happy he must be and how great it would be to be done with this life since I was just kind of overcome with how hard life is and why things had to be so crappy-this has more to do with real problems not my satelite radio, and then I came across George Straight singing, Hark the Herald Angels Sing. I love George Straight, and I love this song. I can't even remember the words, but I was overcome with how much our Savior loves us and that everything was going to work out-I don't know about getting Flight 26 back on the air, but that the real stuff would be OK. I am excited about Christmas and about celebrating Jesus' birth, and in the end, the other stuff will work itself out.
See-I told you this post was random!