Friday, January 30, 2009

Local Celebrity

I went in to Kindergarten yesterday, and as Jacob and I were walking through the halls, a couple of teachers said, "hey, can you sing some Bon Jovi?" to Jacob. Jacob has never been an on call performer. He is a master of ignoring you when you speak right at him. So, I was shocked when he immediately started singing about "Johnnie on the docks all day." He belted out the chorus and we had quite an audience by the time the song was finished. I was cracking up about the experience. It did impress upon me the fact that my son is at school having experiences that I don't know about and I am not a part of which is strange. I am glad though that he is getting over his shyness and he loves his Guitar Hero! He told me that "Mr. Crowley" is sung by Ozzy Ozzborne too, just like "Crazy Train." He did start singing the "Ay, ay, ay" part of Crazy Train in the middle of the sacrament, so maybe the performing bug needs to be put on hold a bit!

Friday, January 23, 2009

So Long Brace Face!

I am so happy to have my braces off! I have gone in the past three times thinking my braces were coming off, but my hopes were dashed. Finally, they are off! Things are very different from when I first got my braces off. Retainers are way different. I now have a wire glued to the back of my bottom teeth. The retainer for my top looks like I have Invisalign braces. Baby Sharon constantly wants to touch it. At least I can talk properly with it in, so that is a nice change.

I went in to Topher's classroom after I went to the ortho's and he didn't even notice my teeth. I guess he was ticked at me since I was telling him his poster for his country report looked like something Jacob could have done. Mostly I was just shocked that he selected Pakistan for his country. One of the quotes from his poster "Famous people-Chris and Anna found a statue that turned out to be a god." Packed with information right? It really makes you feel informed about Chris and Anna, and also impressed that they are the most famous people to come out of Pakistan. He claims he chose that country aften their "Pennies for Peace" campaign at their school. Valid reason, but I have yet to receive an explination about "Chris and Anna." It must be his Danish great-great granparents on a trip to Pakistan!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Thanks, Topher

So, I made some bread the other day, and it wasn't rising very fast, so I cut one loaf up into rolls, and then I used some leftover from that and threw it on the other loaf and baked it. I also put some sugar and cinnamon on it since the kids were dying that it was wheat. Whenever I make bread they beg me to stop and want storebought instead. I really do make it properly, they just really like their refined flour! Anyway, I came out to cut a warm slice of my bread, and I found a mangled mess! Topher decided to cut himself a slice which ordinarily would be OK, but he decided to cut right out of the middle. I am not a fan of the crust either, but right out of the middle? What a nut! So, my bread looked hideous. Topher took his church shirt off, but then put his vest back on and he has a horrible fingernail scratch on his face from Anna from a remote fight. Jay gets mad at her for hurting him, but I vividly remember feeling completely helpless against my bigger stronger brother and I used whatever means necesary to get him off me. I think he had some pretty serious fingernail scratches and some injuries in some other parts of his body that will remain nameless! So, the picture is not to demonstrate my wonderful homemaking skills, but shows how nutty my son is!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why are Kids so Gross?

Well, we had our second morning in a row of waking up to a wet bed. Yesterday was OK because at least then I changed his sheets, but today? Come on, those sheets were clean! I asked him if he wanted to wear pull-ups again, but he adamantly refuses. He has one more chance and then he has no more say in the matter. He has been staying up super late in his room playing and then he sleeps in late, which is nice, but not so nice to change sheets.
Anyway, the thing that really grossed me out today was Baby Sharon. She was walking around with her mouth full of food which I incorrectly assumed was her lovingly prepared frozen waffle. She decided she would rather eat cat food for breakfast. When I was getting her dressed, all this brown juice started pouring out of her mouth. I was dry heaving at the smell, and then she was spitting out this disgusting mess. I don't get babies. What is with the disgustingness? I love Sharon to death, but my stomach can't take much more!
On a lighter, and cleaner note, Jacob has moved his repertoire up to 6 or 7 songs on Guitar Hero now. He loves "Livin' On A Prayer," "Hotel California," "The Joker" which cracks me up when he sings about being a "midnight toquer" "Float On," "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Heartbreaker." "Eye of the Tiger" is still a huge favorite. When I picked Jacob up at school yesterday, the duty told me how much he loves to sing. Who knows which one of these great songs he was yelling while waiting at the parent pick up yesterday? Anyway, the game is really fun.
So, I guess the summary of this entry is that kids are pretty gross, but they are fun and cute anyway. I can see that when playing a game, but not so much when I am gagging at the smell of partially digested cat food!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jane of all Trades

I don't know if that is a real expression, but since I am a female, and I did a lot of different things yesterday, I decided to coin a new phrase. I started my day playing basketball. It was fun, but interesting to switch gears from being competitive on the court to chasing around a toddler and wanting a few minutes to myself to do what is really good for me. Then, I dropped Jacob off at a playdate-my not so favorite job of being a chauffeur, but since I was leaving him somewhere, it made it just fine. We got home and I helped Anna with her school work. We have gone back to homeschooling as of this week. It just seems to be a better fit for her, so we'll see how it goes. That role I like, but it leaves my other roles with less time. When we did her science experiment on Tuesday, I asked her to dump her aquifer we made in a 2 liter plastic bottle into a grocery sack and then to put it in the trash. Somehow that translated into dumping a cup each of gravel, sand, clay and top soil into the garbage disposal. It was a total mess, so that was my next job, to fix the garbage disposal. I read on the internet how to do it, and got out my allen wrench and started cranking. I got it to work and I was quite proud of myself! My next role was as concerned wife. My basketball team had a bye this week so we decided to play a game against our husbands. Well, Jay twisted his knee the first play of the game and so he went to the doctor the next morning when it still was hurting. I kept calling him to find out what the doctor said, he waited forever to find out that he has a sprained knee. I think we can safely say that Jay's basketball career is over. Later in the day I had to take Topher to the doctor, he has croup, but should be fine. Then I went to get my hair done and this was probably my favorite part of the day. I liked my role of pampered lady best of all, but not nearly as rewarding as some of my other jobs I accomplished earlier in the day. I can say it was very rewarding to not see any more roots! Well, I got a lot done today, and tomorrow I get to do it all over again-at least the garbage disposal is fixed!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, last night was quite a New Year's. Jay went to California with my dad on Tuesday to go the Rose Bowl Game, so right there it was already kind of a bummer. Jay had a great day in Pasadena though so that was nice-for him! He went swimming at the big aquatic center by the Rose Bowl, and went to movies. He went to my favorite Mexican restaurant and I am pretty sure he went to In-N-Out too, but he knew I probably couldn't hear about that so he didn't tell me. Anyway, after dropping my brother off at the airport after some much un-needed (is that a word?) trauma and drama, I stopped at Krispy Kreme on the way home for the kids. Let me just tell you, if you ever need to feel pathetic, just go into Krispy Kreme alone and order doughnuts by yourself on New Year's Eve! When I got home all the kids were upstairs watching Spongebob and Jacob and the baby ran over and gave me big hugs. I didn't feel like such the loser anymore, so that was nice. I tried to get the kids interested in watching the New Year's TV shows, but they just wanted to watch Nick reruns. I usually convince them we are doing a Boston New Year's, but this year they really wanted to stay up. I let them and we had a nice time. When I put Jacob to bed I told him I would see him next year, and he told me he would see me when he was six. I think he was a little confused. The New Year started right though when Jacob asked me to come and play Eye of the Tiger with him on Guitar Hero!