Thursday, February 12, 2009

Anna tuns 11!

I can't believe that we have an eleven year old in the house! Anna has aged about 5 years in the past month. She is now way too cool for many things, and there are lots of things that she now thinks are cool that she used to have no interest in. It is fun to see the transformation, but I am also nervous about the next few years, especially knowing how I acted and it seems like you get a little payback in your parenting, and I don't want it! We had a fun birthday. Anna was really excited because her birthday was on a Saturday. She had a sleepover the night before, so she was exhausted the entire day, but she had fun. She had a special breakfast at my mom's, with lots of whipped cream, I cooked two pounds of bacon and there was none left! My dad also went and picked up Krispy Kremes just in case there was anyone who didn't get enough fat or sugar. She had a basketball game and did great, and then we went to Outback for dinner. We went home and opened presents and had carrot cake for dessert. It was a very fun day! I am really happy to have Anna in our family. She is such a fun girl and we are having a lot of fun doing home schooling. Anna is a lot happier and we are making good progress.