Monday, March 16, 2009

Quick Update

I guess I can update my blog by simply posting about all the destruction that has been happening around my house as of late. Baby Sharon is fairly significant contributor to the mayhem! She has dumped out an entire bottle of shampoo on the carpet upstairs, and to follow that up, squirted out a brand-new tube of bright blue toothpaste all over the carpet too. I went upstairs yesterday and as my blood was boiling from the mess after everyone told me it was "100% perfect" only to find there was a fluid spilled all over the playroom carpet. The kids tried to blame my mom's dog that isn't even in the state right now, so I sat them all down and waited until someone told me the truth...eventually Jacob admitted he spilled, and it was diet coke. What was he doing with a diet coke upstairs, and how could he spill such a wonderful drink? Anyway, we got that cleaned up and the rooms are/were 100% clean-probably aren't anymore, but we tried.
Anna and I were baking cookie brownies yesterday, and I had a cube of melted butter on the counter which she knocked off and made a huge greasy mess. I was slipping and sliding all over my kitchen floor, and I wasn't all that pleasant about it! We did get the treats made and they were delicious!
One more mess to report, while I was working on school with Anna, Jacob decided he needed a little "frosting fix" and went and opened a tub of cream cheese frosting. He and the baby were in my bed, watching cartoons-probably something very educational, both with spoons eating from the tub of frosting! I kept taking it away, but Sharon has discovered the ability to move chairs around so she can get what she wants off counters, so I kept finding her with the frosting along with a lot of evidence all over the house, eventually, I threw the dumb thing away! Serves them right!
Everything else is plugging away. It has been nice to have a break between basketball and baseball seasons. The kids start practice this week, so we will get busy again! Poor Jacob isn't on a team, and when I told the other kids about their teams, he asked what team he was on. In my mind I thought, "you are on the I'm a third child and my mom is barely holding it together and there is no way she can deal with t-ball games this year team!"
We are looking forward to Spring Break next week and a quick visit to Rexburg!
By the way, my basketball team made it to the semi-finals of our tournament and we only beat one other team the whole season! Do the math on that one! It was a really fun season though and I am glad I did it-one more soccer game this week and then I am back 100% on the kids!