Sunday, May 24, 2009

Super Saturday

It was the best of times and the worst of times yesterday...Let's start with the positive...
Anna has been involved with her first play since January. It was a spin on Pinnochio set in current times, and it was a musical. So, yesterday was the debut performance and we were all very excited. Anna had a couple of solos, and she was really ready and raring to go. She did such a great job and we were so proud of her. It was so fun to see her up there with the microphone belting out her songs-belting being a very positive word in that sentence...she was great! She loved it and had a great time. She was very worn out after the end of two perfomances and a lot rehearsal this past week. It was definitely worth all the hard work though and everyone enjoyed it, well, maybe not Baby Sharon so much or anyone who had to sit around her, but everyone else did.So then, on to the sadness of yesterday. Topher had batting practice in the morning and got hit by a pitch going 60 mph in the face. He was really hurt and we were really worried about him. Jay took him to the urgent care and they sent him to the ER to get a head CT. Meanwhile, I am at home without my babysitter, Topher, and without my date for the matinee, Jay. I had to take the two little kids to my mom's and go to the play while I was sick with worry about Topher, but the show must go on. Jay kept texting me with updates and we were worried that his face might have a fracture or that he might have a concussion. After all the tests, it seems like he is OK. He is in a great deal of pain, and has been throwing up, so if he throws up again, we are supposed to go back to the ER. He and I both had a pretty miserable night last night. I was falling asleep watching Zach and Cody at 1 in the morning, and he requested a plate of pasta-what a nut, but I was happy to get him whatever. So, he is now eating french fries and hopefully he will start feeling better. I have to run to teach my Primary lesson, but I am not staying for Sharing time, and Jay has to go to Nursery, what a fun Sunday-at least we'll have tomorrow to rest!