Monday, August 10, 2009

Kindergarten Graduation

Jacob had such a great year at kindergarten. I was really worried about him when school started. He was the youngest one in his class and since he is such a hot head, I thought he was going to be in the principal's office quite regularly. He surprised me, and did so well. His teacher said there is no way he can repeat, and is ready for 1st grade. I still think he is really little, but he does great and has friends and is right in the thick of things, so I think he will do fine. I still never got the digital copy of his singing for the school assembly, but the kind of proves to me that he is pretty confident and happy!
His graduation was so cute, they sang songs and Jacob knew all the words and actions and he got a huge smile on his face when he got his "diploma." I think the whole concept of kindgarten graduation is stupid, but it was cute to see him in his hat. I wish they called it a kindergarten program, but I am not in charge, obviously! Anyway, we all went to IHOP after, and waited forever for food, but Jacob loved it and it was his special day. I am really proud of how well he did and I am excited for first grade-although I can't believe he will be gone all day-how sad!

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