Monday, August 10, 2009

Topher's Piano Recital

Topher is a good pianist and did a great job at his recital. He wanted this crazy mohawk, so I let him get it-it is going to be hard to say no to hairstyles in the future when he reminds me of the insanity I let him have as a nine year old, but oh well, how bad can it get? Get back to me in 10 years! Topher is soo funny when he introduces himself because he says his name is "Christopher Topher Bisgaard Calder." It is a little silly, but whatever, he makes me laugh. It was a nice recital and nicer to have it done!

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Kimpossible said...

I can't imagine that too many other kids in his class have the same haircut and I love that he had it for his piano recital. That's pretty awesome. Good job Topher!