Sunday, September 6, 2009

Football Season Starts

Every year the first football game of the year is at Boise State. For the past two years, Topher has played flag and they play on a field on campus. This year, they got to play inside the stadium on the powerful blue turf. It was pretty exciting. Topher did great and his team did well too. Topher played Offensive Line and blew a hole so big you could have driven a truck threw it...the running back scored a touchdown on the first play, and then on the next play they made 16 yards. Then, they switched who was up against Topher to the biggest guy on their team. He still did great, but he didn't make quite such big holes anymore. It was really fun to see Topher out there tackling. He has been waiting so long for this. We were worried that he wouldn't make weight and that he would have to play with the next age group, but he made it. The max was 115 with pads, and I think he weighed 111-this was with full gear. Now we are in the clear, at least until next year!
Jay is helping coach and having a great time. The head coach is a local weather man so that is pretty hilarious. He doesn't have a son on the team, he just really enjoys it. It is a nice group of kids and coaches. It was a really fun day, and we are looking forward to the season!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of School

I can't believe the summer is over! We had a lot of fun and boy was I ready for the kids to go back to school! Although after the first day I am ready for a break-fortunately we have a 4 day weekend this weekend to regroup. The kids all did great. Anna headed off to middle school-I can't believe she is in middle school-first in the morning. She went with her carpool and was quite nervous about opening her locker, but she got it all figured out and had a great day. Our neighbor is in most of her classes, and a lot of her friends are in orchestra with her as well. She was exhausted when she got home, but I think she will do great.
The boys went to their new school too. Jacob even said he was really nervous while I was driving them to school. The place was packed, I had to carry Sharon about a mile. I took Jacob to his classroom and got him settled. He knew a couple of boys in there, so that was nice. They both had a great day but were starving and exhausted when they got home. Topher's class is doing a town project and they are starting businesses, so he was excited about that. He said he wanted to be a lawyer, but I told him when I did that, the most successful venture was a candy store. I told him I had a music store and made mix tapes for people, he looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. I told him the lamest thing someone did was to have a button museum, where you paid to look at buttons. He decided he wanted to have a poop museum and they both thought that was hilarious. You just have to love little boys-and big ones too, because Jay thought that was pretty funny too! Anyway, we'll see how the town goes this year.
Looking forward to a great year!