Sunday, November 29, 2009

Football Wrap Up

We had a lot of fun with Topher playing football this year. His team wasn't the best, but they improved a lot and Topher was really able to contribute. I think the last few games he played every down. He would be so tired at the end, and hungry! You would have to ask him about how many times he stripped the ball, sacked the quarterback, recovered a fumble, etc...Topher kept track but I didn't. I just know it was really fun to see how much he loved playing football. It will be fun to see him over the next few years.Topher is on the right wearing blue socks with black chin strap-getting set to get the ball!
Getting the handoff...Breaking through the line...Can he break another tackle?
No, he was brought down-he did score a touchdown-actually a pretty good feat for his team, for a time he had scored half the points with one touchdown going into the fourth game...I said his team wasn't the best! He threw a touchdown pass later as a halfback back to the quarterback and ran in a couple of extra points. There were a couple of times he didn't get the ball in short yardage and we didn't score, I would talk to the coach about it after-no wonder the coach nicknamed me the "team critic!" Here's to next year!

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